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Financial services

Case Study:

SinoPac resolves inconsistencies

With more than US$30 billion in total assets, SinoPac Holdings is the fourth largest privately owned financial entity in Taiwan. The subsidiaries under the SinoPac Holdings banner cover a broad range of financial services including banks, securities, credit cards, customer service centres, insurance agents, venture capital, management consulting, financial consulting, futures and leasing. The company also has the most active worldwide presence of any Taiwanese financial entity.

SinoPac is currently focusing on the Greater China economic region, using innovative investments in IT to assist its business expansion and mergers. SinoPac places significant importance on IT and has a strategy to use it to gain a competitive edge.

The company recognised that its core banking system, which was developed using COBOL on a mainframe computer, could no longer meet its requirements for transferability and flexibility, and hindered its ability to remain competitive in the market. In addition, because of different local situations, various systems were used at its overseas locations, creating work process inconsistencies at the Taiwan headquarters.

The competitive capability that comes with the flexibility of Windows Server is absolutely more efficient than a mainframe system with remote terminals

Eugene Huang, SinoPac
As overseas business became a growing proportion of SinoPac’s business, the need for internal integration became greater and greater. The company sought to implement a core banking system that would enable it to resolve work process inconsistencies brought about by different systems.
With future flexibility and competitive advantages in mind, SinoPac decided to be the first in the world to deploy the Temenos core banking system solution on the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 operating system and SQL Server 2008 data management software. To face the inevitable challenges and risks of being an innovative leader, SinoPac relies not only on its deep professional know-how in the financial arena, but also on long-term cooperation with the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC), whose technology and resources strengthen its experience and confidence.

After taking on a review of the Temenos architecture, the MTC staff provided an evaluation report to SinoPac as part of the second stage of the vendor selection process. This helped SinoPac save a substantial amount of time on the evaluation and deeper understanding of the technology. In addition, the architects at MTC assisted SinoPac in communicating its requirements to vendors and validating its technology, whether it was dealing with foreign vendors or with local vendors responsible for systems related to branches and ATMs. This substantially reduced potential inaccuracies and omissions. The MTC architects also played a key role in the proof-of-concept stage of the implementation process, helping SinoPac to validate the core banking system as a feasible solution.

Through its collaboration, SinoPac was able to implement a core banking system that fully meets its business needs. Most importantly it has been able to improve its IT efficiency and respond to changing business needs. “Whether it is a merger or opening a new location, we can start up operations as quickly as possible in each new location with a solid foundation of a unified platform and technology architecture,” says the financial company’s deputy executive general manager Eugene Huang. “This allows business and IT to truly be closely integrated.”

SinoPac is now in the process of implementing the solution across its overseas operations. By moving to a core banking system built on Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008, rather than rigid mainframe systems and remote terminals, the company can more quickly engage in additional regional expansion plans and activities.

“The competitive capability that comes with the flexibility of Windows Server is absolutely more efficient than a mainframe system with remote terminals,” says Huang. “Microsoft is not only a technology provider, but an excellent partner in helping us to create competitive advantage.”

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